Charity Partner News: The HUB Hong Kong

Can you tell us about the work of the The HUB Hong Kong, Children and Youth Centre? What are the goals of the organization?

The HUB Hong Kong was established in 2013. Its mission is to serve children and their families as a ‘second home’ in the community.  It now serves over 600 families and has more than 2,000 registered members.  It aims to give children in our society who are experiencing difficult circumstances, an equal opportunity to have every chance to become productive, law abiding successful members of society; to provide a safe haven where children and their parents can come for support and guidance that may not be available or possible at home.  A place where they can enjoy a healthy meal, do their homework or sit and play and do what kids love to do with their friends.

What does it mean to The HUB to have the support of Twopresents party hosts?

To have the support of Twopresents party hosts is for our children from disadvantaged backgrounds to know they have the support and understanding from children from all walks of life.  The more support we receive from Twopresents party hosts, the more we hope to improve community understanding to support disadvantaged children and their families living in or near poverty.  

Could you give updated details on how you spend the donations? 

A donation of HK$50 can help provide fresh fruits to a child from a disadvantaged background for a month to encourage healthy eating habits and subsidize the living costs of those living in or near poverty.

A donation of HK$600 can provide monthly food bags with nutritious food for a family for six months.  

A donation of HK$2,000 can give counselling, psychosocial support and parenting skills training from a social worker to a low income family for six months to enhance the children’s relationship with their parents.

How can families get involved with The HUB?

Hong Kong families can arrange for a visit to our Centre to see and understand the work we do for the community. We encourage volunteers to assist in our activities for the children and their families for example at birthday parties or festive celebrations.  We encourage all families to also provide direct contributions to support the ongoing work and services for the disadvantaged children either via Twopresents or directly to The HUB HK.

To find out more about The HUB Hong Kong, visit their website.

Author: Twopresents

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