Little Reporter: Why Giving Back is Important

Sharing and giving is important because it’s important to help other people.  So many people in the world have so much less than us. Many people are less lucky than us. It’s important to give because some of us have more and it’s our responsibility to help the world.

We can take action by donating money or time.  On my birthday I chose to give to Plastic Free Seas through Twopresents because I want the world to stay healthy.  I would like not only humans to be healthy but also animals. We’re all responsible for the damage to the earth. Some people think just one plastic bag in the ocean won’t do anything, but if we all think that way it’s a problem.

I like fish and sharks and turtles and whales and dolphins and I hope to always have them but we will lose them if we don’t take care of the ocean.  It’s our responsibility to take care of pollution in the ocean because we all caused it. I already have so much that when I get more it’s the right thing to do to share the stuff I’m lucky to have with charities that are helping the world. I’m sure some turtles are born on the same day as me and they deserve a present of cleaner oceans on their birthday too!

By Luca Staerkle (10 years old)

Author: Twopresents

Twopresents is an online party invitation and fundraising platform. Send your invitations through the Twopresents website and let your guests know that instead of bringing gifts they have the option to contribute towards your gift/charity fund. One portion of the collected amount gets donated to your favourite charity and the other goes to you to buy a BIG present! It's an easy way to make a difference. To share your celebration, visit to get started.

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