Charity Partner News: Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society

Twopresents’ charity parter, Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society, plays a vital role in protecting the iconic Chinese White Dolphin species that is native to Hong Kong. We find out more about their work, how your donations from your Twopresents celebrations are used, and how you can get involved with their projects.

Can you tell us about the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society?

Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society is a non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting whales, dolphins and porpoises. HKDCS aims to raise public awareness about the biology and conservation of the Chinese white dolphins and finless porpoises in Hong Kong. HKDCS is committed to raising the standard of dolphin watching tours in the industry. We are also focused on raising awareness of the issue of dolphin captivity all over the world.

What does it mean to have the support of children via Twopresents?

It means a lot to HKDCS to have support from Twopresents. Through sharing their birthday parties with a charity, we believe that children learn to think beyond themselves and understand how their actions can benefit others. Twopresents provides a channel for us to reach out to families and raise their awareness on conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises.

How do you use the donations? 

The donations from Twopresents allows HKDCS to carry on essential conservation work. For example, a donation of HK$1,000 funds a talk or exhibition at a school or college. HK$5,000 is sufficient to carry out a research trip and HK$10,000 covers the cost of an educational booklet aimed at young people to share conservation information. All of these donations enable us to reach the wider community and spread our crucial message.

How can families get involved with HKDCS?

HKDCS highly appreciates the generous donation from children and their families. They are welcome to visit our office and learn about Chinese white dolphins and finless porpoises and their related conservation issues. Families are also welcomed to join public events organised by HKDCS such as dolphins and porpoises research trips.

HKDCS is committed to continuing conservation work on behalf of dolphins and finless porpoises, and the support of children and families via Twopresents is essential to our work.

To find out more about HKDCS, visit their website.

Author: Twopresents

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