Charity Partner News: Children of the Mekong

Founded in Laos in 1958, Paris based Enfants du Mékong’ (Children of the Mekong) is a non profit organisation that was awarded the Human Rights prize by the French Government in 1990. 

We sat down with them for a chat to find out more about the role of the organisation, and how your support through Twopresents is helping the charity to achieve its goals.

Where does Children of the Mekong focus its efforts? 

In 2016, thanks to private sponsors, Children of the Mekong supported 60,000 children across seven countries : Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Burma, and Philippines. More than 21,000 children were individually sponsored and 90 development programs were financed.

What does it mean to have the support of Twopresents’ party hosts?

We are quite well-known among the French community but having the support of Twopresents helps us communicate and share our actions with a broader public. When a Twopresents party host chooses to support Children of The Mekong, a child living in Hong Kong is giving another child in Asia the chance to go to school.

How do you use the donations from party hosts? 

Any amount given helps a child go to school. With a contribution of HK$250 per month, you enable a child to attend school by financing his or her school fees, uniform costs, extra-tutoring and transportation.

How can Hong Kong families get involved with Children of the Mekong?

We have a bilingual French and English cookbook which is available for sale. In addition, sponsoring a child with donation of HK$250 per month enables that child to access an education.

Our main projects for 2017 aim to offer long-term solutions to the families that we work with:

1.  The Batang Mekong Daycare Program includes the creation of seven daycares hosted by rag-picking families. 14 mothers will be trained to become child development workers. These daycares will cater for 80 children aged between one and six years old. 

2.  The Children of the Mekong Students Centre in Cebu City provides accommodation to low-income university students. During their two to five years of university, we provide additional tutoring, professional life training, and support to secure employment. 

Conceptualised by MAP Office and Laure Raibaut, Mekong New Mythologies, a large transnational group exhibition will run between 4–21 May 2017 at the Hong-Kong Arts Centre, in Wanchai. This exhibition is organised in support of the charity and is an associated project of Le French May.

Inspired by the research of Ho Chi-Minh City based artist Richard Streitmatter-Tran, the exhibition will uncover various ecological, social and political issues and legends around the Mekong and other territories of South East Asia.

During the exhibition, a selection of artworks will be auctioned by Paddle8 to benefit Children of the Mekong.

Exhibition Period: 4–21 May 2017

Opening Hours: 12:00–8:00 pm – Free Admission

Guided tour on demand: [email protected]


Author: Twopresents

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