Moustachu’s 1st Birthday Celebration

We were delighted when a Hong Kong family decided to use Twopresents to plan the 1st Birthday celebration for their beloved dog, Moustachu. Moustachu’s Twopresents party is a great example of how ANY celebration can make a difference to an important social cause. We interviewed Moustachu’s owner Steph about her family’s experience…

Twopresents: How did you first hear about Twopresents?

Steph: We follow a few local dog rescue charities and saw this (Twopresents) through Hong Kong Dog Rescue founder, Sally’s blogs.

Twopresents: Why did you choose to have a Twopresents celebration?

Steph: Honestly, our plan A was to throw Moustachu a doggy party, however, after realizing that he already has more than what he needs, we wanted to extend that love out there to the homeless, especially when we have fostered a few as well and know the difference is a loving home. So plan B was to contact a few friends (both near and far) and do a group contribution. We love the idea that we can split the token of love into 2 ways – one for the charity and one for the birthday celebrant. We are so glad that through Twopresents, we were able to make his first birthday significant and charitable. After all, charity begins at home.

Twopresents: Why did you choose to support Hong Kong Dog Rescue?

Steph: We believe in people with good faith and we love it that they put dogs first. And they have the cutest, well-behaved and well-trained dogs. We had our fair share of fostering one and he has left a part of him with us forever, taught us patience, perseverance and unconditional love despite that the dog had unsolved neurological issues.

Twopresents: Any other comments from you or guests about their experience?

Steph: Guests found the Twopresents system user-friendly, safe and efficient. Also one way to connect to the near and far.

A big Thank You to Moustachu and his family from the Twopresents team!

Author: Twopresents

Twopresents is an online party invitation and fundraising platform. Send your invitations through the Twopresents website and let your guests know that instead of bringing gifts they have the option to contribute towards your gift/charity fund. One portion of the collected amount gets donated to your favourite charity and the other goes to you to buy a BIG present! It's an easy way to make a difference. To share your celebration, visit to get started.

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