Charity Partner News: Plastic Free Seas

Plastic Free Seas‘ (PFS) vision is clean beaches and plastic-free seas. They aim to achieve this through education, teaching the young people of Hong Kong about the global issue of plastic marine pollution with a local Hong Kong perspective and helping them to come up with simple solutions that they can be a part of. Although student education is their main focus, they also work with other NGOs, corporates and the government on this issue.

PFS cannot run its free student education programmes without the support of donors which include individuals, corporates and community groups. PFS greatly values the support of Twopresents donors, but working with Twopresents is more than just about the donations received. It is about the important message of giving and sharing that Twopresents is teaching young people with its gift-giving platform, and showing them that there are ways to give that do not require consumption. And of course every time a child chooses PFS as their chosen charity, even more awareness is being raised about the issue of plastic marine pollution.

Since 2013, PFS has reached over 25,000 students in more than 100 schools across Hong Kong. Whether students come on a beach cleanup, or work with PFS in their school, all students gain an awareness of how their actions are affecting our environment, and PFS equips them to make personal changes in their behaviour to help solve the problem. The main goal is to reduce the amount of single-use plastic items used. Everyone can do something to make a difference. It could be refusing a straw, bringing your own reusable water bottle, shopping bag, cutlery, hot drink or food container instead of using a single-use disposable item, and sharing this information with someone else – every small action can have a big effect.

PFS offers monthly community beach cleanups in Discovery Bay for families to join. Click here for more information. But you don’t have to wait for an organised cleanup; anytime you are at the beach, pick up some rubbish. Every little bit helps.

If we continue using as much plastic as we do now, it is estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean by weight than fish by 2050. So start reducing the amount of single-use plastic that you use now. Let’s work together for a future which includes beautiful clean beaches and plastic-free seas.

Author: Twopresents

Twopresents is an online party invitation and fundraising platform. Send your invitations through the Twopresents website and let your guests know that instead of bringing gifts they have the option to contribute towards your gift/charity fund. One portion of the collected amount gets donated to your favourite charity and the other goes to you to buy a BIG present! It's an easy way to make a difference. To share your celebration, visit to get started.

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