Fostering Community Engagement: The American Club and Sprouts Foundation

Earlier this year, The American Club Hong Kong sponsored a community event for Twopresents charity partner, The Sprouts Foundation. As part of this event, 19 children from the Foundation came from the New Territories to spend the afternoon with tennis coaches and children enrolled in the Club’s tennis program. After a 1½ hour introductory tennis clinic where the children practiced drills together, they enjoyed a pizza lunch on the lawn and then went on a tour around the Club facilities. The afternoon concluded with a Q&A session, during which participants were especially curious about the skills required to work in an environment like the American Club. It was a fantastic opportunity for children from the different communities to interact and learn from each other.

This is the second year that the American Club welcomed the Sprouts Foundation children to experience sports at their beautiful country club. The Club was keen to continue the relationship as the big smiles and grateful feedback received, made the project very meaningful for the coaches and children alike.

The Sprouts Foundation provides support and special education to disadvantaged children in Hong Kong. Twopresents is delighted to introduce the Foundation to organizations such as the American Club to foster community engagement and mutual learning.

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Author: Twopresents

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