Living Life to the Fullest

We are overwhelmed by the number of families who are choosing to give back through their celebrations. While most of our celebrants are children, the recent uptake of grown up parties has surpassed all our expectations in terms of generosity to good causes.

Approaching his 50th birthday, Sunny Malhotra decided he was going to do his best to live life to the fullest. As part of the celebrations, Sunny hosted a party at the Murray Hotel rooftop restaurant, Popinjays. Inspired by the BoneyM song, “Sunny”, guests were invited to come dressed in their 70s Disco finest. 250 guests danced the night away to tunes by the fabulous live band, On Point, whose members specially learned Sunny’s favourite BoneyM songs, making it a night to remember for years to come.

When asked what he would like to receive in the run up to his birthday, Sunny said he wanted to forgo gifts and give to the Joshua Hellmann Foundation (JHF) instead. JHF is a charity that is close to Sunny’s heart because Joshua, the child for whom the charity is named, was known to the family and was actually born in 1992, the year Sunny arrived in Hong Kong.

Sunny’s family originally wanted to set up a Twopresents link so contributions could be split between JHF and a meaningful gift for Sunny, but Sunny insisted he wanted 100% to go to JHF. All he wanted from his guests was that they “..have the most amazing time at the party and stay as late as possible”. Sunny’s celebration raised close to HK$123,000 for JHF which will enable the charity to help children like Joshua who are born with rare diseases in Hong Kong.

Sunny’s wife Simmi said they chose to use Twopresents because the platform was convenient and easy, eliminating all the hassle of collecting gift contributions from guests. In her words, Twopresents “made the whole process a no-brainer”. She added, “When you get to 50, you realize it’s not about the material gifts you receive but about having a great time with your friends and loved ones together.”

Helping the sick and inspiring the next generation while having the time of your life…now that’s living life to the absolute fullest. Happy birthday Sunny and a big thank you to all the Disco Partiers for your wonderful generosity!

Author: Twopresents

Twopresents is an online party invitation and fundraising platform. Send your invitations through the Twopresents website and let your guests know that instead of bringing gifts they have the option to contribute towards your gift/charity fund. One portion of the collected amount gets donated to your favourite charity and the other goes to you to buy a BIG present! It's an easy way to make a difference. To share your celebration, visit to get started.

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